Monday, July 16, 2007

Kate Moss attacked for bad example

“She is meant to inspire young girls, but how can a walking skeleton inspire anyone?

“Considering she’s a supermodel she looks more like Kate Fungus than Kate Moss. Her body actually looks like it’s eating itself.”

Who is speaking his mind on how Kate Moss presents a bad body image that will inspire young women to put their body through unnatural practices?

Peter Andre. Who is famous for being married to a woman whose breasts are made out of plastic.

We do love the way he's trying to be clever with the "Kate Moss? More like Kate Fungus" thing, even though it's totally meaningless. Pete could be confusing fungus with bacteria. We have visions of him getting home, slapping his head and saying "god, I'm an idiot - I said Kate Fungus and I meant Kate Necrotizing-Fasciitis. I'm always getting those two muddled up."