Friday, August 31, 2007

Courtney continues calling Coogan

Courtney Love's decision that Steve Coogan is to blame for all the world's ills, up to and including the attempted suicide of Owen Wilson isn't one she's started to regret yet. Now she wants Coogan to go home:

"Hopefully the guy will leave us alone in this town and go back to Brighton or wherever the hell he's from… and stay there."

Clearly, while Courtney and Coogan were enjoying their tender moments, they never got round to talking about home towns.

Someone mentioned Coogan was muttering darkly about suing Love for linking him to Wilson's problems. Courtney doesn't care:
"There's nothing illegal or wrong with saying that someone's a bad influence."

Well... saying someone is responsible for another person trying to kill themselves would seem to actually be pretty libellous unless you can back it up. Can you back it up, Courtney?
"I could get into some very specific detail..."

"...that I'm not going to."


Courtney then turns the knife:
"He's not even known over here. No one knows who the guy is.

"He has bit parts in movies - that's what he does."

Well, if nobody knew who he was before, thanks to Courtney's tireless work, all of America will know him before too long.

And just think, as Owen Wilson tries to rummage around to get his life back together, how all this must be helping him. If only every suicide survivor could be treated to screechy, screechy blamey finger-point to help them.

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