Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Doherty meets Robinson?

Sadly, since it's sourced from the Daily Express, we're not convinced that Pete Doherty is trying to get on The Weakest Link. Even though we'd love to believe he thinks its the way back to Kate Moss' heart:

"People might not realise it but I am well educated and well read,” explained Doherty. “I can prove to people there is more to me than just drugs."

What 'people' would not know that Doherty had a good education? Presumably if you were unaware of his upper-middle class background, you might be slightly surprised that he went to good school and achieved a trilby-hat full of certificates, but Kate Moss, surely, would already know this? And if you wanted to prove your brains, wouldn't you aim for something slightly higher than the pub-quiz level of The Weakest Link: a Mastermind, maybe, or a stint on Radio 4's Round Britain Quiz at the very least?

Even if Pete did win the Weakest Link, he'd still be fighting the aura of stupidity created by telling the Daily Mirror how horrible Moss was would be the way to win her back.


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