Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eyes less bright

Conor Oberst has pulled the UK Bright Eyes gigs as he's quite overcome with a fever:

With regret Brght Eyes has cancelled this week's shows and appearance at V Fest (Bristol Aug 15; Liverpool Aug 16; Nottingham Aug 17; V Fest Aug 18 & 19). Illness has forced the cancellation. Bright Eyes would like to express their utmost thanks to all their fans and supporters and sincerely apologize for this unfortunate occurrence.

Poor Conor, lying in bed, sweaty, twisting, turning, unable to settle, his pyjamas sticking to his skin... uh... ahem. Yes. He hopes to be well enough for the forthcoming Alaskan dates next month.
-You do know, smiled Conor, that isn't the best place to put a thermometer...
- I know that... but I didn't say I was going to be using a thermometer to take your temperature. Now, turn over
- I'm sick, you know.
- I sure as hell hope so...

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ian said...

Has he been near Amy Winehouse? Do you think it's contagious?

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