Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jamelia throws it in 3AM's faces

Despite 3AM having covered every move Jamelia has made for the last couple of years like she was Britain's Britney, Jamelia has only gone and given the launch interview for the Greatest Hits collection to The Sun.

Where's the gratitude, eh, where's the... hang on: Greatest Hits? Has she really got enough tracks for a Greatest Hits?

“It seems the right time to put out a Greatest Hits and have all the best tracks I’ve recorded from the past ten years on one album.”

So, that'd be Superstar and... well, there was probably a remix of Superstar.


Lulu said...

I'm already saving up for her autobiography and first children's novel. Both of which, I have no doubt, are being written by someone else as we speak.

Robin Carmody said...

Link doesn't work - it's to rather than the Sun article. Or perhaps you refused to link there out of shame?

Anonymous said...


she's been in the game for 8+ years. she's released 15 singles ... it's more of a single collection.

stop being so bitter and grow up.

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