Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kapranos calls the car vigilantes

Alex Kapranos appears to have been ripped off by the Beastie Boys:

[H]is prized vintage Mercedes has been robbed of its precious badge.

Alex had parked the G-registration Merc outside his Glasgow flat while he was busy working on new material with the rest of the band.

He was dismayed when he returned to find it stripped of its badge.

Alex said: "If anyone knows who snapped the badge off the front bonnet when it was parked outside my flat, can you give his balls a wee boot from me? Much obliged."

He's then at pains to stress that the car only cost him £250 - so "vintage" in the "old and knackered" sense rather than something Lord Montagu might be interested in.

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karlt said...

Given that a Mercedes hood ornament, brand new costs £7.18 this has to be the least newsworthy story since that time Keith Murray lost all his change down the back of the sofa in All Bar One

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