Thursday, August 30, 2007

Timelord fell wanking to the floor

Let's hope he's better than he was in Twin Peaks: David Bowie is popping up in the next series of Doctor Who.

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James said...

Ooh crikey. As I was reminded by a very old Buzzcocks repeat on UKTVG2 the other night, David Bowie has some sort of Grim Reaper's touch when it comes to TV appearances. Years ago he appeared on Marc Bolan's show, which turned out to be Bolan's last ever TV appearance before his run-in with a tree. Just a few weeks later Bowie made his famous appearance on Bing Crosby's show singing Little Drummer Boy ("Hello, you're the new butler?" "It's been a long time since I've the new anything..."). Weeks later, Crosby went toes-up.

If I was David Tennant, I wouldn't start reading any long books now.

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