Thursday, August 30, 2007

Winehouse is, apparently, a TV affair

The Sun, of course, is keen to ensure that no part of Amy Winehouse's decline is missed, and so has two journalists out in "The Caribbean" (that's as specific as the byline gets), including, as you might expect for such a big story, a section editor.

Not, though, Victoria Newton. In fact, it's TV Editor Sara Nathan who has landed the oh-so-strenuous job of hanging out in the sunshine, alongside James Clench. Curious.

And so what have the pair managed to file from their sunshine trip?

Erm... a story about Mitch Winehouse praying for Amy at her grandfather's grave.

The Mirror's website this morning is reporting a "war" between the various in-laws in the story, but most of the Mirror's showbiz errors are bringing up 404 error pages (branded as, like some sort of screw-up down memory lane) so we're not entirely sure how the 'war' fits with Mitch's clear and repeated insistence that while he disagrees with the Blake-Fielders' proposed methods, he doesn't want to rise to the bait of blaming each other's kid for the mess they're in.

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James said...

I was just thinking last night about the Mirror, and that strange period a few years ago when they vowed to focus on 'real news' and do away with celebrity piffle. It was amazing; They had some striking front-pages, were one of the few papers which dared to be anti-war in the early days of the Iraq invasion and even ditched the red masthead to distance themselves from the 'red-top' label.

It was good while it lasted, even if I do feel dirty for approving of something that involved Piers Morgan.

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