Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let's hope MTV have an understudy

Rather a brave choice for MTV, picking Snoopy Dog Dog to host this year's MTV Europe awards. Not because Dogg is "edgy" in the way he likes to believe, but with the recent spate of refused work visas he's suffered, it's possible he might not be able to set foot in Munich to do the show.

Still, he's keen, we'll give him that:

"Presenters in the past have been great, but this year I'm takin' it to a whole new level.

"I've called up the homeys from east to west and guarantee it's gonna be off tha chain, ya dig."

We love it when Snoop talks like he's street, even though these days the only thing he ever does actually on the street is take advantage of the kerbside check-in offered to platinum frequent fliers.

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Anonymous said...

So he's bringing a lot of pals and it's going to be a real hoot?

I loves it!


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