Monday, August 13, 2007

Mel B's got a keeper

It's turning out that Stephen Belafonte is something of a charmer - he's "chosen not to contest" charges of domestic violence against his last wife, Nicole Contreras (in other words, not even having the balls to admit what he'd done) and now it turns out he beat a duck to death with a brick. Oh, and he's never quite got round to paying the fine for that one.

What a wonderful addition he is to our public life.


Anonymous said...

Not that I am a fan of wife-beaters, but there is a difference between pleading "guilty" and pleading "no contest". based on all the stories, he definitely sounds like scum, but one shouldn't take a "no contest" plea to be an admission of guilt.

simon h b said...

Anonymous: the punishments for a nolo contendere are the same as a guilty plea; the defendent might not admit guilt but, also, crucially, refuses to defend himself against the charge. But to be strictly accurate, then:

Stephen Belafonte agreed to be punished as a perpetrator of domestic violence, and declined to take the opportunity to defend himself against the charges

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