Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pete Doherty finds what happens when you make friends with the Daily Mirror

Naturally, you leave yourself open to a kicking from The Sun. And kicking he gets this morning, as the paper simultaneously runs an interview with him and prints photos which they say show him using crack on Monday. Medicinal crack, apparently, says "a source":

“He was on so much drugs he can’t give them all up at once.— it’s too much for him.

“The way his mind thinks is that he’s come off the really hard stuff and a bit of crack to help him through won’t do him any harm.”

The paper also suggests he's got debts of £180,000, which explains why he's going to be turning up doing this sort of thing a lot. Although since he seems to be denying chunks of what he told the Mirror yesterday, maybe the papers' appetite will dry up:
Pete also denied spilling the pair’s sex secrets. He said: “I would never talk about Kate in bed.”

If you're going to pimp yourself out to the papers, you need to come up with new angles the whole time, and Pete delivers something fresh for The Sun:
He also claimed he is being blackmailed over two CD recordings stolen from him which contain proof of another celebrity taking drugs.

He said: “I don’t know who has them but I’m worried.”

Or paranoid, or lying. You're being blackmailed, but don't know who by? And what sort of inept blackmailer would find film of a celebrity doing drugs, and then blackmail somebody else? Surely you'd blackmail the person with the image that would get damaged, not some blabbering crackhead?

And why does Pete have two CDs of a "celebrity" doing drugs in the first place? We hope this isn't a pension scheme that's gone badly wrong.

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Dora said...

I'm more surprised by the dodgy blond barnet than the crack in that picture.

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