Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you for your help, Bez

As if the intervention of MSN to Pete Doherty's health isn't enough assistance for one man to cope with, Bez has decided to offer the benefit of his wisdom to both Doherty and Amy Winehouse:

"Pete Doherty is talked about all the time but he's a fucking lightweight. He spends more time in rehab than he does taking drugs for fuck's sake.

"Winehouse is the same, she's got a lot to prove. There are too many part-time rock n' rollers these days. They should get out and have a good time. I've not spent a minute in rehab in 25 years and I'm alright."

True, assuming your definition of "alright" can encompass having a life based around being thought of as the sort of person who needs his mittens on string and probably shouldn't be allowed his own scissors.

As in the joke:
What's Bez's name short for?
To give him a half-decent chance of remebering how to spell it, probably.

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Ben.H said...

Hooray for Bez - he recklessly fucks up his life so we don't have to.

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