Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To be fair, it's not what she's known for

The 3AM Girls have clearly fallen out of love with Peaches Geldof, enjoying her fall from grace:

The "DJ" demanded to be moved from the opening slot on Saturday and then played one of the worst sets ever. "She managed to clear the dance floor before throwing a strop and leaving in a sulk," says our mole.

Blimey - being such a bad DJ you clear the dancefloor isn't unheard of, but the dancefloor clearing the DJ booth is a special kind of not that good.


James said...

Pah! Shows what the 3am Girls know. Peaches Geldof is actually raking it in with constant bookings, with her 'top set of rock classics'. Unless, of course, their Sunday Mirror equivalent Zoe was wrong, or possibly bending the truth in a puff-piece. Surely not...

By the way, I saw the episode of Britain's Next Top Model with Victoria Newton in last night. Christ on a stick... "She was hopeless at denying that story, I'd go straight back to the office with that and it'd be tomorrow's headline". No you wouldn't, you'd splash with something you read in last month's Bella.

M.C. Glammer said...

Rock classics? Would that be Bob's record collection, then? It beats me how the floor cleared with the irresistible grooves of Smoke on the Water and Reeling in the Years.

Lulu said...

Paula must be turning in her grave. At least she had the decency to know that her talents remained within the 'bad presenting' camp, and never tried to foist her mixing skills on innocent clubbers.

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