Saturday, September 01, 2007

50 Cent tries to enter politics

Presumably as part of his ongoing frustration at being bested by Kanye West at every turn, 50 Cent has had his people rustle up some political observations for him.

Cent has appeared to support the Iraq war in the past, popping over to help the troops keep their peckers up. Which makes his sudden conversion to being anti-war a little awkward:

"Me and George Bush were both born on July 6. He has less compassion than a regular human being.

"We are so different. I actually went to Iraq because I went to perform for the soldiers.

"Bush just sends people to war."

50 Cent, of course, is well known for his hatred of pointless violence and his disgust at the suggestion that guns and shooting and killing are cool and.... oh, hang on, he isn't, is he?

But turning to next year's elections, who does 50 Cent fancy?
"I'd like to see Hillary Clinton be president.

"It would be nice to see a woman be the actual president."

The actual president? As opposed to what, exactly? Are there fake lady Presidents we've been missing out on?

Still, you've got to applaud Cent's grasp of the complex political issues facing a Democrat planning a run in 2008 - he's able to identify which one has the skirt. Well done, Fiddy.


Anonymous said...

Would this be the same 50 Cent who proclaimed a few years ago that he'd have voted for Bush in 2004 had his criminal record not prevented him from voting (supposedly, but remember Florida 2000 and there might be more to it than that for those from his background who aren't famous) and that he admired Bush because Bush was "a gangster" (as if he'd had to graft his way to the top entirely unrelated to who his father had been)?

You can tell the man's bricking himself that 'Graduation' might very well outsell 'Curtis'. As I've said before, 50 Cent is only as famous as he is because the media controllers don't like thinking niggers.

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