Sunday, September 16, 2007

Britney Spears: Rallying time

Britney Spears, you might have spotted, is in a bit of trouble. Lucvkily, people are rallying round. Joey Fantone, for one:

He says, "It looked like she was really lost. A lot of people really want her to seek help. There's something not right there, something needs to obviously be done before anything tragic happens.

"She's a great girl. I've known her for many years."

Er... thanks for your insight, Joey.

50 Cent has also weighed in - presumably hoping he'll distract attention from his hostage-to-fortune promise to retire. Noticing that his nemesis Kanye West said that MTV shouldn't have pushed Brit into opening the show, Cent, naturally just adopts the opposite stance:
Kanye expressed that he felt that Britney shouldn't be actually opening the show - almost like he forgot that Britney Spears sold 50 million records. She did.

"He is not thinking about her full body of work. She deserved to headline the show better than anybody else that was on it - even in the state that she is in."

Because, of course, selling fifty million records means going on national TV with serious mental health problems can't possibly hurt you.