Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If you tell us all the jokes, it won't actually be funny

Nice to see that while he won't take part in something useful like Stephen Fry's HIV documentary, George Michael is happy to turn up in any and all Christmas specials on offer: he's added Extras to Catherine Tate.

The Mirror has effectively rendered Michael's appearance pointless, by detailing what he's going to do in the programme in such detail they could use it as a DVD extra.


James said...

I haven't read it yet - Is his appearance before or after the bit when Keith Harris/Barry Chuckle/Jeanette Krankie pulls Andy Millman aside and expresses a hatred of a minority/offers him some hardcore porn/complains of an STD?

simon h b said...

I've just realised I've used the phrase "added extras to Catherine Tate", which opens a whole world of mental imagery I think is best shut.

James said...

And at lunchtime too :(

PS This comment is mainly intended to push my dimblebrained earlier comment off the end of the list on the left, with its site-breaking italics tag which I completely forgot about. Oops.

Anonymous said...



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