Saturday, September 01, 2007

Love offers Winehouse light

As if having adopted the role of Official Spokesperson for Owen Wilson's mental health wasn't enough, Courtney Love has taken on the Amy Winehouse account, too.

Oddly, she doesn't seem to blame Steve Coogan for this one. Or hasn't yet, anyway. Instead - and you'll want to hold the front page here - she reveals that Amy Winehouse does drugs:

“Amy does more drugs than anyone I’ve known.”

“I’ve been with lots of people when they’ve taken coke, including stars like LINDSAY LOHAN and KATE MOSS.

“But I’ve never seen anyone take as much coke as Amy. Even I wasn’t that bad.”

Wasn't that bad? If Courtney proceeds with the re-writing of history this way, she's going to be revealing details of the Home For The Fallen Women she was running while married to Perry Como by the end of the year.

It's not clear what Courtney was hoping this intervention would do.


Lulu said...

Courtney's clearly not familair with the septum-destroying coke habits of our own Daniella Westbrook.

Still, if Courtney's to be believed, and considering Daniella's hoover-like tendencies, seems us Brit girls are keeping the South American Drug Barons in business without much help from our American sisters!

Thom Cuell said...

'Stars like Lindsey Lohan and Kate Moss'

Courtney has become fluent in tabloidese I see. Or maybe this is all ghostwritten, and she just let her name be attached, for a fee?

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