Friday, September 28, 2007

Mariah doesn't like an audience

Women who had blamelessly doing what it is that women do backstage at the VH1 Music Cares event were surprised to be approached by bouncers keen for them to leave:

Two women already there say her security tried to evict them, but they refused to leave. Says one: "One of the bodyguards said to us, 'If you're going to stay, you better not watch Mariah pee.'

If Mariah really wanted privacy so badly, though, could she not have just closed the cubicle door?


ian said...

Perhaps Mariah stands up to wee?

Lulu said...

Ian - ouch.

I just like that the links for this story go togther like strawberries and cream, like Paul Morley and Joy Division, like red wine and me...Mariah Carey and urine. Poetry.

eyetie said...

Obviously, the two ladies ran away before the bouncer finished: 'If you're going to stay, you better not watch Mariah peer closely at her sales figures and wonder just where her career went from glitter to sh!tter."

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