Tuesday, November 06, 2007

McCartney hugs a mate

The Sun has worked itself into something of a froth over a photo of Paul McCartney kissing a woman he knows. So frothy are they, they've actually made the photo totally useless, slapping a big Sun logo all over it and putting that pathetic "our lawyers are watching" into the picture.

And the lawyers, clearly, are watching, as the article which accompanies the picture doesn't actually draw its own conclusions. Sure, it hints that there's something going on between McCartney and Nancy Shevell:

Macca and the married cracker

... but the paper doesn't actually get beyond innuendo and lead-covered hints:
They chatted warmly over breakfast and shared late-night dinners and cocktails at restaurants.

Chatting warmly? Having dinner together? What could you be hinting at?
Macca was also seen shopping at an exclusive lingerie store before meeting the classy socialite.

Good lord... are you trying to tell us that Paul McCartney wears women's underwear?

Still, married, eh? So... there's some sort of homewrecking going on here, then?
Nancy is vice president of her wealthy family’s successful transport firm based in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She was known as Nancy Shevell Blakeman but has recently dropped her husband’s name.

So, she's married in sort-of the same way that Paul McCartney is, technically, married, then?

So, this story is: Paul McCartney has a female friend.

Curiously, by the way, this story is itself as estranged as its central characters, with Victoria 'showbiz editor' Newton leading with, erm, which tatty babe calendar is the "sexiest".

Meanwhile, Heather Mills has been continuing her campaign to stop the press ripping people's reputations to shreds by, erm, telling Hello what a bastard McCartney is:
“This is a man that hangs on to his money. He wouldn’t be as rich if he didn’t.

“Who needs that kind of money?”

Aha. You might have thought McCartney was rich because The Beatles back catalogue still earns him a small fortune every year, but it's actually because he hasn't spent a happorth since 1962. Perhaps when the Sun says he shared cocktails with Nancy Shevell they really do mean he ordered a Slippery Nipple and two straws.

There is something dark at the heart of Shevell's story, though:
She wed Bruce Blakeman, a commissioner of the New York Port Authority and a partner in a top New York law firm, in 1984 – and they have a teenage son, Arlen.

The couple, seen in New York society as a powerful political team, are both active Republicans and donated money to George Bush’s presidential campaign in 2004.

Ewww, Paul. How could you?


Laura Brown said...

Our filters here at work block the Sun's website (no, really), so apologies if this is explained within the article, but what on earth do they mean by "cracker"? The only times I've heard the word "cracker" applied to people, it has been a derogatory term for poor white people from the American South (which does not include New Jersey; or, by extension, a racist term for white people used by African-Americans. Is that what the Sun means? Or have they discovered old photos of Ms Shevell making savoury biscuits?

Robin Carmody said...

McCartney is a strange one ... a supposed socialist who clings to his weirdly romanticised vision of Old Britain because he doesn't want to face the role he's played in an Americanisation which he dislikes on one level, but cannot psychologically bring himself to *despise*. On balance, thinking of "Freedom", thinking of the Starbucks tie-up, Republican connections are all he deserves.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for him. He needs a good dependable & well balanced (no pun intended) woman behind him, that isn't going to use him for his name, position & money, unlike that other thing did. He's very much entitled to get on with his life. It seems, that Nancy is just the woman that he needs. Who the hell does Heather think she is?? - Paul doesn't have to tell her a damn thing about his private life. She lost those rights. She's just bitter that he's moving on with his life with someone that also has money - that's burning her up inside & without her. She feels as if she's losing control over him - when in fact, she never did. She'll just have to continue resorting to her lame ass bashing. That's the ONLY thing she can do. Too bad for her, that everytime she says something derogatory in Paul's direction - NOBODY LISTENS. It would seem that he found somebody to replace Heather. (which would'nt be hard to do). She's just a spoiled little child that does'nt like to be upstaged in the media. I only hope he finds true love,like he had with Linda. Good Luck Paul

Anonymous said...

The above post was brought to you by Nancy Shevell.

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