Tuesday, November 06, 2007

That's why Mum's gone to the smoking shelter

Having miscarried and then demiscarried the baby, you'd understand that Kerry Katona would be careful about the health of the foetus she's carrying. That's why she's only having the odd fag during trips to the boozer:

: "I was smoking 20 a day before I was pregnant and I've cut down to one. In the morning, I like a little puff on a fag."

She said of those who criticise her for continuing to smoke in defiance of medical guidelines: "Yeah, they're dead bloody right. But I honestly don't think a couple of puffs are going to do that much damage.

"I had a nicotine patch but it left a mark. I think I've done really well cutting down from 20 to one a day. I think the only times I really smoke is when I've had a drink."

So she only has one a day, in the morning, when she's had a drink?

Katona is still being used as the face of Iceland, although the company seems to have given up on the unlikely scenario of Kerry being a kind of Delia-Smith-on-milk-tokens welcoming grinning visitors by opening up her prawn ring. The new commercials feature Kerry as a newsreader detailing the latest bargains from the eyelids-and-batter merchants - which does, unfortunately, recall the Woolworths ads where a fluffy sheep struggled to deliver low-price headlines from a barely moving autocue.

Elsewhere, Katona has cheerfully told a magazine that she's going to get sterilized as soon as this latest kid is out. Presumably, it's easier than worrying about trying to sort out nicotine patches.


Tim Footman said...

"I had a nicotine patch but it left a mark."

That's why lung cancer's so great. No visible blemishes.

Anonymous said...

I quit smoking last year using nicotine patches, and yes they do leave a mark, which is why i didn't stick it on my f****** face. How about under a bra strap, kerry? keeps it in place, too.

bet the people who voted her 'mum of the year' not so long ago are ruing the day..

James said...

Indeed. It's sponsored by Grattan Catalogue, isn't it? Wonder if their range of maternity dresses now includes a special pocket for cigarette packs and vodka minatures?

My favourite quote comes from the BBC News report on the story.

"At the time it was reported that she downed four Martinis and a vodka during the same night, but Katona has dismissed those claims."

"It's nonsense."

See? She's a responsible mother. She didn't touch a drop.

"I did have a drink"

Ah. Well, that's not so bad. They say one drink isn't too bad when you're pregnant.

"I had two"

Bloody hell woman, help me out here.

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