Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mills: Richard Nixon in her own world?

The Sunday Mirror has a pile of stuff which either shows Paul McCartney to be a nasty, disabled-hating, wife-beating piece of scum, or Heather Mills to be a paranoid, secret-taping sneak, or the papers desperate to run anything at all about the couple, whether it makes sense or not.

And in this case, it doesn't make any sense at all. The Mirror claims that Mills confronted Macca:

The friend said: "She told him she'd been passed it by a journalist pal, who gave it to her because he was so appalled at what was said.

"But the truth was that it had been recorded in her bugging operation - but at the time she couldn't tell him that."

But, apparently, McCartney was supposed to go "oh, somehow a journalist has taped a private conversation I had in my home, and passed the tape onto my soon-to-be ex-wife", shrug it off and go about his business. We're asked to believe a thousand surprising things about this couple every day, but does the Sunday Mirror really want us to believe that McCartney is a bumbling halfwit?