Saturday, November 24, 2007

Newton leaves with a five year-old story

Yes, just because she's leaving doesn't mean that Newton hasn't got time to bring forward the big stories today. She's running a piece on Kylie's bum-in-the-air waxwork:

Kylie shamed by saucy waxwork

The admission came as the pop princess was immortalised with the unveiling of a brand new statue in her native Australia.

Actually, Victoria, the "admission" that Kylie didn't like the statue came when she spoke to the website about it back in August 2002.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of Newton before reading this blog...what an embarrassment to journalism (even if it is of the tabloid variety).

A couple questions from a curious Yank:

--Is the Sun that lacking in editorial discrimination to continually publish Newton's efforts, or is she screwing someone, or what?

--Where does "Mucca" come from? I get the "Lady Macca" reference, but not putting the 'u' in there.

simon h b said...

a) Since she's just been promoted, we can only assume that the rest of the team at The Sun are even worse. Her constant banging on about her support for Liverpool presumably helps, since the paper is desperate to regain traction in the city after the way it libeled supporters caught in the Hillsborough disaster.

b) It's meant to sound like "mucky" as - apparently - pornography is a terrible, seedy business. Except, of course, when it's on the DVDs sold in the classified ad section of The Sun.

Anonymous said...

when you say "promoted", do you not mean "rebranded"?

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