Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gordon in the morning

Having - apparently - not been at the Led Zep concert at all, Gordon is back behind the wheel today, offering to reunite Naomi Campbell with her stolen Blackberry:

You don’t want to face her wrath, so if you accidentally took her phone, get in touch with me and I’ll give it straight back.

Yes, we're sure that Naomi would be delighted if you pass her telephone to the offices of News International, with its relaxed attitude towards listening to other people's telephone conversations.

Indeed, so relaxed is the attitude to people's voicemail privacy at Wapping, one former News of the World staffer told the UK Press Gazette that the features desk used to hack into the voicemail of the news team.

Gordon also reports on plans for a Zeppelin gig in New York - he relies on "my souce backstage" at their London gig.

Otherwise, it's business as usual: Cindy Crawford has decided that she doesn't want to pose naked again, because she's afraid her child might get teased. So Gordon responds by running as many naked pages of Cindy as he had stuck in his scrapbook;

while, despite hardly anyone in the UK knowing or caring what Hulk Hogan is, Gordon runs a photo of her to support a story that consists of saying "look, she's in a bikini".


Anonymous said...

Simon, funny as I find this I think you need to stop reading Gordon for the good of your health!


Zig said...

You know he had a hand in this article.
Who knew wikipedia had categories?

karlt said...

You mean that there will be a page on the internet that has pictures of naked ladies? I'm glad that the sun decided to bring that to our attention.

sven945 said...

The Sun claim that the "List of big-bust models and performers" it's a "new" page, whereas it was first created on the 22nd November 2004.

I'm convinced that paper's just an experiment based on those thought ones where you have an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters, but Rupert's only bothered to buy three monkeys in.

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