Monday, January 07, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Amy in a cardie

With the news of Britney's, um, friendship being handled by the Sun's American editor, Bizarre is left this morning leading with the news that Amy Winehouse put a cardigan on to keep warm.

Still, her festive spell at Bryan Adams house allows Gordon a spot of muted crowing:

The troubled Rehab star had been staying with singer-turned-photographer BRYAN ADAMS over Christmas and New Year — just as The Sun said she would.

Amusingly, Smart is having to say "as The Sun" rather than "just as I said" because, of course, that story was delivered by Pete Samson. And Gordon has seemingly forgotten that the Sun also insisted that Mick Jagger would be sharing Christmas with the pair.

Even more odd: Smart makes no mention of the presence of George Roberts, Winehouse's ex-boyfriend. Surely - in the context of her devotion to Blake - that's a more interesting story?


James said...

Love the comments below the Amy Winehouse story.

"Lovely voice but no sense of style. I think she is in desperate need of a makeover. posted by: britnik"

Yes. That's her number one priority at the moment. A makeover. Never mind the drink, drugs, missed shows, imprisoned husband and endless paparazzi torment gradually eroding her mental and physical health. What she really needs is Trinny and Susannah groping her knockers and telling her which colours go best with her eyes.

Anonymous said...

And, as Nicole Kidman's character in To Die For would remind us: "Mr. Gorbachev, the guy that ran Russia for so long? I am a firm believer that he would still be in power today if he had had that ugly purple thing taken off his head."

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