Saturday, February 09, 2008

Timbaland isn't a People people

At part of the slushing celebrating the Grammys, People magazine has sponsored a party for people, with Timbaland as the main draw.

It all went a little sour - alright, a lot sour - when one of his enormous entourage wasn't allowed in. Mr Land shared his frustration with the audience, honking off from the stage:

"Next time I have one of my homeboys in line, let that (expletive) in!" Timbaland shouted as the event winded down after 2 a.m. Saturday, adding that he was a "peoples person."

"I don't like to see my people turned around for some (expletive) magazine ... (expletive) y'all!"

Timbaland is such an old grump, the person who tried to smooth things over by telling journalists that the boss wasn't angry with the sponsors, just some organisational glitches, only did so off the record. When you clean-up crew is afraid of you, you need some serious time out.

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