Monday, March 10, 2008

Daily Mail airbrushes 'fat' Presley story

Seemingly having forgotten telling its readers last week that Lisa Marie Presley was a fat lump, eating her way into an early grave, the Daily Mail trumpets today:

Lisa Marie Presley looked pregnant and proud as she unveiled her budding baby bump in Los Angeles.

The daughter of rock icon Elvis stepped out with third husband, musician and producer Michael Lockwood in Beverly Hills, following confirmation that she is pregnant with her third child.

Oddly, the paper can't find space to mention that she actually wanted to keep her pregnancy to herself, and the "confirmation" came after she was forced to issue a statement about her pregnancy after papers - like the Mail - had started running a hate campaign against her. Or, indeed, that she's suing the Mail over the allegations.

Still, perhaps the Mail has learned its lesson and won't run spiteful pieces about women's looks for no real reason other than scoffing any more.

Oh, hang on: What's this?
Hair-raising: Celine Dion takes to the stage with furry legs

Her face had been carefully made up, nails polished and outfit primped just so, but Celine Dion forgot one important thing before performing in Toyko over the weekend.

It appeared the My Heart Will Go On singer had forgotten to wax her legs, with severe back lighting revealing their rather hairy state as she strutted around the stage.

Alright, then. Maybe not.


sven945 said...

The Mail also haven't got comments on the Lisa Marie Presley story, a measure pretty much always only used on court stories. It's interesting how they clearly don't trust their webmonkeys to not allow comments of a certain nature (or any at all) on that story. Having 0 comments doesn't bring special attention to a story, whereas removing the comments facility to a supposedly innocent story (to someone who doesn't follow things like that) just brings attention to it.

Anonymous said...

And the mail pinched the Dion story directly from Perez Hilton.

(BTW the captcha for this post is eatpu.....)

Anonymous said...

Shit, I'm supposed to wax above the knee as well? I didn't know that... Like... how high above the knee?

discuss said...

call me old fashioned but i do not think NOT waxing ones legs is a criminal offence.

Anonymous said...

Curse you, Daily Mail, for putting me in a position of defense for Celine Dion.

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