Monday, March 31, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Slagging the PR machine

Surely, for a tabloid gossip column to start slagging off the PR industry for telling fibs is a working definition of 'lack of self-awareness'?

It's what the 3AM Girls are up to:

Today we launch the Porkie Pie award for PRs and celebs not overly committed to the truth.

Coming in the Mirror - home of the British troops pissing on Iraqis photos and Arthur Scargill's Mortgage story - it's a bit rich; it might also prove to be a little self-defeating as they name and shame:
The first winner is Silk PR which insisted Madonna and Guy would be at a book launch at a glitz-free do in Shoreditch House. They didn't show.

No, really? This seems to be more about having the hump at having been gullible enough to believe the story in the first place.

You wonder if PR companies will be so keen to feed stories to 3AM in the future if they're running the risk of getting a public ticking-off.

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