Friday, March 21, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: They also enjoy chocolates

The 3AM Girls also have a story about Girls Aloud making an advert for chocolate bars. They even have a quote from Sarah Harding:

"I loved doing the ad but I had to eat so much chocolate that, in the end, I asked for a cup to spit it out in. I was eating it from 5am to midnight."

So, she spits and doesn't swallow. Whoever would have thought?

More surprisingly, they reveal that Gordon Brown had marked the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War by... discussing Amy Winehouse with gossip columnists:
"I'm a big fan. She may be troubled but as much as anything I think she's simply misunderstood.

"She is as talented as she is misunderstood."

In what way, Gordon, is Amy misunderstood? Unless she's actually a drug-free scientist, isn't she perhaps the best-understood of all artists?

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