Friday, March 14, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Cancer sticks

Last week, Gordon was using his column to encourage people to send positive thoughts and happy messages to Patrick Swayze. Today, he's running long lens pap snaps of Patrick puffing on a fag and getting Emily Smith to tick him off for it.

[Swayze's brother] also said Patrick’s wife Lisa, 51, is liquidising high-fat dinners as he is having trouble keeping down solid foods.

Yeah, a man who's that ill really deserves to have a newspaper lecturing him about one of the few pleasures he might have left. If you've got pancreatic cancer that is so far advanced, not having a cigarette might make very little difference, surely?

Gordon, meanwhile, has... shall we say issues? He looks at a photo of Eva Longoria-Parker, and what does he see?
Now this new pic of her struggling to keep her lady lumps in her dress has got me craving chocolaty mallow-filled WAGON WHEELS. Yum.

Wagon Wheels is one thing. We're trying not to picture Gordon's Sherbert Fountain.

There's also a really bemusing piece about Miley Cyrus:
THIS is the most Googled girl on t’internet — teenage actress MILEY CYRUS.

Yes, "t'internet" again.
The star, daughter of mulleted Achy Breaky Heart singer BILLY RAY CYRUS, has coined it in since her success in Disney sitcom Hannah Montana.

The reference to coining it is merely to try and prop up the dreadful headline:
Montana star is silly pay Cyrus

Oddly, Having been confident with the programme that made Miley famous, Gordon then seems to forget it again:
The nippers tell me Miley plays Miley Stewart in the show, whose alter-ego is pop sensation Hannah Montana.

The showbiz editor of Britain's largest daily newspaper affecting to not know about Hannah Montana in 2008 is a bit odd, but then Gordon caps it:

The world is going completely mad...

Not only does he pad out the piece with a 'these young people and their crazy names' line that would have looked weak in a Mike Yarwood sketch in the early 80s, but also makes some sort of connection between Cyrus and the Ting Tings. He gets paid for doing this, you know.


Simon said...

Surely the main reason why going "Hannah Montana? Stupid name!" in a national newspaper is that that programme is for a pre-teen audience and thus is almost expected to have a jocular name at its heart. Whatever reasons Joe Lean had for starting his band (you can insert the sound of a cash register at this point if you so wish), I doubt it involved taking the junior crowd away from Montana. Not even Gordon would claim Engie Benjy Engine Man was on a par with Does It Offend You, Yeah?, after all.

Laura Brown said...

I've not seen the programme, but according to a recent summary in The Economist (no, really), "Hannah Montana" is the secret pop-star identity that Miley's plain-Jane character assumes when school is out. So it makes perfect sense dramatically for her to have a preposterous name.

Also, since that's a long-lens photo of Swayze, how do they know he's not smoking a spliff? A lot of cancer patients do that, you know, especially if they have trouble keeping food down.

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