Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wilde, Wilde radio

With Tony Hadley off on some sort of holiday, Virgin Radio needs someone to fill his shoes. They've got Kim Wilde to cover over Easter.

Which is great, and will help fight the impression that Virgin is a bit blokey, right?

"Kim is an absolute 80s icon and a sex kitten to boot," said Mark Bingham, the programme manager at Virgin Radio.

Hmm. Although Kim is a bit of a sex kitten, we're not sure we recall anyone describing Hadley or Suggs through their sexuality when they joined the station, did they?


Anonymous said...

KIM WILDE for me was Pricness of 80's, she was cool, beautiful, sexy & classy, she constantly reinvent her image and sound of her music from sparky new wave Kids in America, Cambodia to more Pop glam You Keep me hangin on and who can forget controversial single "Say you realy want me" Kim was true Icon of 80's. Boys dreams and girls inspiration.

Tom said...

I'm the same about Tony Hadley

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