Monday, March 10, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Inspired

In the interests of being fair, we have to admit the headline on the story about Katie Price getting drunk and needing some help to get in a taxi in this morning's Bizarre is pretty sharp:

I looked over Jordan, what did I see, someone needs to carry her home

Unfortunately, though, this only appears in the paper and on the index page of the site: the permanent page on the story goes with:
Jordan's WAG night out with Alex

- which suggests the Swing Low allusion might have been added elsewhere in the production process.

Looking at some of the other headlines this morning:
Agyness is the Deyn attraction

Paris' bangers get some air

... well, it only adds to the suspicion that there was help from outside. "Deyn attraction" doesn't even work as a pun, but at least it's not a single entendre.

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Anonymous said...

deyn attraction works if you mispronounce her name! wow, imagine if she met wayne rooney...

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