Monday, March 10, 2008

Presley sues the Mail

It's surprising that, with Britain's libel laws, so many magazines and papers have got away with running cruel jibes disguised as - well, we were going to say 'investigations', but 'x is a bit flabby, if you peer at them through a long lens from the end of the beach' hardly counts as investigation, does it? Much of the coverage is designed to hold people up to ridicule, and some contempt, which would seem to be pretty open-and-shut. Obviously, nobody wants to ake on the might of the UK press when they need the coverage to exist.

One day, though, the papers would mock someone a little too much, and that person wouldn't be worried about keeping the titles on side.

That day, it turns out, was when the Mail ran its Lisa Marie Presley is fat story. Presley is suing the paper.

We're no fans of the British libel laws, but if this at least makes editors think before they run such pieces in the future, they might have a positive effect in this case.

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