Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Noel Gallagher threatened by Kenickie

3AM actually has a decent story this morning, as Noel Gallagher reveals Kenickie waved a knife at him.

Not the band, sadly. Jeff Conaway. Noel recalls:

"Kenickie shouted, 'I've had four back operations, you know.' "So I said, 'So get yourself out of that wheelchair then!' "He said, 'I've had four operations but I can still pull a knife on you.' And he pulled out a big blade.

We thought: 'You're going down, Kenickie.'"

Ah, yes. That would be Noel telling a chronic alcoholic to get out of his wheelchair. Perhaps he thinks he's got healing powers... like god... glowing god... going... going


gibbo said...

Oasis monkey is obviously doing very well, he looks to be travelling first class. Depending on the route, this could mean the ticket cost the price of a small car, a big car or a block of gold the size of a tennis ball and one limb (left arm not accepted on Saturdays or public holidays).

Olive said...

Prosimian. He gets very upset when people call him a monkey.

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