Sunday, March 30, 2008

Piracy is bad, isn't it, Sony BMG?

Piracy. It's a terrible thing. Unauthorised sharing of music? Rotten. Ruins lives. It's like gouging out the eyes of a shopkeeper, downloading an mp3 track you've not paid for.

We know, the RIAA keeps telling us so.

So, then how come Sony BMG has apparently been caught running unlicensed software in its operations.

Perhaps they could make a video with Britney Spears in to teach them the error of their ways?


M.C. Glammer said...

Their ISP should keep a close eye on everything that goes through their servers from now on.

duckie said...

During the rootkit fiasco, a Sony president asserted that most people didn't know what a rootkit was, so it shouldn't be of any concern to them that Sony had secretly installed one on their computer (superb logic). Evidently they feel the same way about software they haven't paid for - what the creators don't know can't hurt them can it?

Anonymous said...

there was quite an interesting programme about piracy on world service last night (this morning) at about 1am. had contributions from all the major players - pirate bay, bpi, er...thom yorke. quite good though.

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