Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ward seeks creative control

Having released two albums of pointless froth that the people who shape his career have successfully predicted will fly off the shelves of Asda, Shayne Warne has decided that album three should have more of him in it. He wants to write:

"When you come from a talent show and you're signed by a record label, you're in no position to say I want this or that," Shayne told the Liverpool Daily Post. "It's about respect and showing them I'm on the same wavelength as them, and on the third album I'll be writing the songs as well."

But if you're "on the same wavelength", then what's the actual problem? "I want to write so that I can do things, erm, exactly the same way they've been done so far."

Ward, it seems, is a little worried he's not getting enough respect:
"I've had huge sales in Asia and South Africa and Australia, and they're not easy markets to crack," he explained. "Australia is on board. I toured Asia before and after Christmas.

"People need to realise that I'm not just a UK name. I'm more international. I've spent eight months in studios in the US and Sweden. Now I'm preparing for a UK tour and before then I'll tour in Scandinavia."

Why, exactly, do people "need to realise" that, Shayne? And are you really sure you're a "UK name" anyway?

Best of all, though, is the way that Ward thinks that "spending time in studios" in a place is, in someway, akin to "being a household name" in that place.

We wish Shayne the best of luck in taking more control of what he clearly thinks of as some long-running global career. A brave move in an economic downturn when plan B (or rather, Plan job-at B and-Q) might not be quite as strong as it once was.


Ben.H said...

Shane Warne is making albums? Cool! I can understand why they're big sellers in Australia, South Africa and India. He might find it hard building on his name recognition in Scandinavia, though.

Olive said...

This 'respect' thing really bugs me. The last ignorant shitpile I heard complaing about a lack of respect was Ashley Cole in his autobiography.
Listen guys, if people don't respect you, it's because either you as a person, or your body of work isn't worthy of respect. What exactly is it you've done Shane, other than release a coupls of karaoke albums?

Anonymous said...

At the end of it all, it simply isn't cricket, chaps.

Spence said...

"Australia is on board"

On board? He's evidently just spouting phrases he's heard in label meetings, so you'd have to question how much he actually *knows* about what's happening with his career. Owzat!

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