Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rav returns to the pub

The 'Madonna to buy a pub' story resurfaces this morning on Rav Singh's column this morning, with a suggestion that the earlier reports jumped to the wrong conclusions:

I can also reveal director Guy splashed out on Mayfair boozer The Punchbowl with pals GUY PELLY and PIERS ADAMS INSTEAD of his missus.

The source said: "Guy decided to make the move for the pub without her because he loves it and can't wait to put his sense of style into it."

Singh then extrapolates that Madonna and Guy are calling it quits, but adds a rider:
Pals fear things have cooled between the pair and they'll go their separate ways—but will hold off announcing the decision for 18 months.

Now, obviously, he's added this 18 month thing because everyone will have forgotten the story if they're still flying round the world as a couple, adopting childrens, come Christmas 2010, but it makes for an uncomfortable phrase - their pals "fear" they won't announce it for 18 months? Eh?

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