Sunday, March 30, 2008

Showbiz Zoe reports on the party from hell

The prospect of the Moss-Hince nuptials is clearly going to keep the gossip columns busy for a few weeks. Sunday Mirror's showbiz section, Showbiz Zoe with the Showbiz by Showbiz Zoe, announces that plans are already being made:

Kate Moss plans gypsy wed party over curry

That's quite a clumsy headline, with its mix of tenses. Luckily, there's a subhead to clarify matters:
Kate plans gypsy wed party over curry


It actually turns out that the curry was another party, at Davina Taylor's "mansion" - with Lily Allen and Sadie Frost in attendance. Do these people only ever hang out with each other? They're kind of like a version of the Corrie factory girls only with more money and roughly the same level of education:
It turned into a lively night - hostess Davinia laid on an Indian feast followed by cupcakes at the do at her mansion in St John's Wood, North London.

So, someone called for a takeout from the local balti, then.

That'd be the curry dealt with, but what about the "gypsy wed party". It turns out this isn't - as you might have expected - the actually wedding party, but, says a "friend":
They are thinking about having the actual wedding in September, so the plan is to hold an engagement party in August to give them both enough time to recover before their stag and hen do's.

But don't you have the engagement party roughly when you get engaged, and not... oh, never mind. Let's just try and work out the gypsy bit?
. Kate asked all her mates for ideas for the engagement and Lily Allen suggested a gypsy-themed party. Kate got really excited and star ted talking about what dress she could wear for that."

So, although Kate was planning a gypsy-themed party, she was planning in the sense of "if we did that, we could do this" rather than actually going out and buying caravans. Let's hope she abandons the idea, because the idea of Moss, Allen, Taylor, Battersby and Frost trying to have a party themed around a persecuted minority has the potential to challenge Prince William's Out Of Africa bash for levels of sensitivity.

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