Saturday, March 01, 2008

This must be what anticipation feels like

There's a new Oasis album being constructed somewhere - presumably by taking a Gerry And The Pacemakers album and sucking anything interesting out of the mix - which means the Gallagher brothers are roaming about. The pair turned up on Steve Jones' US radio show this week, talking extensively about Sven Goran Erikkson - that must have been fascinating for the LA radio audience.

Then, of course, attention had to turn to the next album. Liam:

“I’m rocking on it. I’m ’aving it.”

Be fair to Liam, when you're churning out the same bloody album again and again over fifteen years, it must be hard to think up something new to say.

Noel had more to offer, though:
“We’re mixing our new record. We recorded it in Abbey Road just before Christmas. We did two tracks in Abbey Road in ’97 but they kicked us out as we were a bit mental back then.

“We were in one of the studios listening back to one of the tunes and somebody who was mixing a classical record next door tapped on the studio and asked us to turn it down.

“There might have been swear words and the next thing was, ‘You can leave’ ”

Abbey Road. Of course, Abbey Road. Abbey... happy... losing concentration... will to live... time to get ready for bed...


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