Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bedingfield chooses her leader

In the midst of an article describing how she "rejects" size zero and the pressures on young girls, surrounded by photos of her flatpack belly, Natsaha Bedingfield talks to Fabulous, the News of the World's Sunday magazine. They ask her to choose between Gordon Brown and David Cameron:

David Cameron, I think. Which party is he with? Conservative party? Oh, so not him. I don’t like being political.

If you don't know which party the leader of the Opposition is with, you probably have never actually tried being political. What on earth was she basing her choice of Cameron on in the first place?


Robin Carmody said...

Because Cameron - far from being the throwback toff you insist on portraying him as - is a pure product of celebrity culture, whereas Brown (for all his faults) is a proper politician. It's entirely natural for someone such as Bedingfield to prefer Cameron to Brown, just as it was natural for them to prefer Blair to Hague or Duncan Smith. Her ilk will go with whoever is the most celebified.

simon h b said...

It's quite possible to be a toff and a celeb - Tara Palmer Tompkinson for example, or Ben Fogle. Fergie. Diana.

But fair point - Bedingfield probably did choose the buzziest one.

Christopher said...

So unpolitical she sang on Live Earth... Live 8...whichever one that was

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