Monday, April 14, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Readers who liked this, also liked that

A thin morning over at the Daily Mirror, where the £AM Girls try to get an entire column out of a mis-delivered parcel. Alexa Chung apparently ordered a couple of books from Amazon which went to her neighbour "by mistake"; the neighbour opened the package "accidentally", and then - again, we imagine, through a series of wacky coincidences, the neighbour found themselves telling the Daily Mirror what was in the package. Who Moved My Cheese, apparently, which the Mirror calls a self-help book but we've always thought was a business title. There was also a book on controlling your Inner Anger, leading the 3AMies to conclude:

we reckon Alexa Chung is a bit of a control freak...

Although if you're buying self-help books designed to help you cope, doesn't that suggest that you're not actually a control freak - at least yet?

Talking of control, someone needs to take control of the Mirror website. The long period of publishing extended captions for pictures that only appear in the paper seems to be over. Now things are worse. Take this piece, for example:
It's not hard to see what's put the spring back in Pink's step. The singer is jumping for joy on a Malibu beach with her mystery new fella.

In an itsy-bitsy polka-dot bikini, she's obviously over her split with hubby Carey Hart. Pink swapped numbers with her new beau at a Hollywood club and that obviously got the party started...

Given that the text only exists to try and suggest the photos of a half- naked Pink are there for news reasons, and not just because they're nice to look at, it's somewhat surprising that online readers find the "story" illustrated by, erm, a photo of Pink in a leather jacket and boots.

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James said...

I think there was another error in the Pink story. They seem to have omitted the now-obligatory line which appears in any story about 'Recently-separated celebrity wears revealing outfit', i.e. "(insert name here) shows her ex what he's missing out on"

I blame the web guys.

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