Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: What's wrong with our local strippers, eh?

Yesterday, the 3AM column page on the Mirror site was tidied up with proper headlines and teasers and everything. This morning, though, we're back to headlines like this:

Milton Keynes

This did, at least pique our interest, what with us being in Milton Keynes and all. It turns out it's a warning that parking is going to be difficult in June:
Jay-Z is to play with Linkin Park in Milton Keynes in June - and will then head to an after-party at Europe's largest strip club. Apparently, For Your Eyes Only in City Road, London, is the only strip joint which stocks Jay's favourite drink, £600- a-bottle Armand de Brignac bubbly. Classy.

Jay-Z, if you want to pay a ridiculous sum of money for a drink while a bored-looking woman takes her top off, there's any number of places in London you can do that. Just don't hand your credit card over to the doorman as you go in, okay?


James said...

That seems like a lot of hassle, going all the way to London after the show just to get drunk and watch some strippers. Surely with his celebrity status, he could persuade the Milton Keynes indoor ski-slope to stay open a bit later for him? He could take his entourage toboganning and have races with Linkin Park, I reckon they'd like that. I had a great time.

(They'd have to be careful and not pile onto the uphil escalator all at once though, because there's a weight limit. We did that, and they just turned it off and made us walk).

simon h b said...

I bet Jay-Z booked the thing in London before discovering that EasyJet have dropped their Milton Keynes to London easybus service. He's going to be feeling pretty silly when he has to shell out for the National Express.

James said...

Noooo! Nothing says 'Crashing back to Earth' like playing to 50,000 adoring fans and then, just an hour later, being instructed by a middle-aged polyester-clad geordie woman that the on-board toilet is "for liquid waste only".

CarsmileSteve said...

ok, that's one down, now what are his other 98 problems?

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