Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tangled web

The official statement on Mozzer's stepping in to help our RAR points the finger at the "official sponsor" who's pulled out.

That would be the NME which withdrew its cash and left the organisers in a hole. Rather shabby behaviour by the magazine, isn't it?

[UPDATE: the NME denies ever having been supposed to sponsor the event]


Anonymous said...

nme punching above their weight, you think? ie. they couldnt afford to pay up.

i cant think of any other reason

Anonymous said...

Is this the same NME that called Morrissey a racist?

Jack said...

Not paying up for an anti racism event doesn't make you racist though! Just like paying £75,000 towards one doesn't mean that you've not got idiotic views about the state of the UK.

I think if it was for any other reason than not having the money then they'd be shouting from the rooftops about it, whatever the reason was. It's going to be horrible for the NME this, it'll cause them no end of bad publicity for it. Given that going public with how in the shit they are financially isn't much of an option for them.

Anonymous said...

i agree about the first para, i hope my post didnt make you think that moz/nme would do this for 'anti-racism kudos' or something. i was more making a point that nme are obviously skint.

did anyone see that email that got sent out to all the bands who sign up to the 'nme new bands' thing? basically it was offering them, or pleading with them, to buy ad space in the actual mag. £500 for a half page ad if i remember. so, in future, you could find that the numerous levis/topshop ads have been replaced with the likes of "catch three of grimsby's best bands at the pen & wig this friday...£2 a pint and free pool until 9"

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