Thursday, May 08, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Snooker loopy

Of course, if Gordon didn't run tits and ass when he's got no actual gossip, he might be reduced to this sort of space filler:

We're not exactly huge snooker fans - and news of Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan's personal greenhouse gas emission problem backs up our view.

The 32-year-old world champ (left) let out a string of, ahem, silent but deadlies during his big win at Sheffield's Crucible theatre.

It's not just that they're running a story about a snooker player farting, but the Big Win was on Monday evening. Hold the front page - man breaks wind four days ago...


Jack said...

Not only that, but surely "silent but deadlies" are difficult to trace the source of.

I think they should disclose the cause of their suspicions. It's important to know if their reasoning is based on "whoever smelt it dealt it" or "whoever denied it supplied it".

Lemon Kitten said...

Jack did it ... 'whoever makes the rhyme did the crime'.

Paul said...

I was at the finals, and no one was talking about this at all.

Worst journalist ever?

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