Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chest-to-chest: Papa Winehouse against the business

From emphysema to "a little bit of emphysema" to not having emphysema at all: what an amazing recovery Amy Winehouse has made a wonderful improvement.

The latest intervention has come from her US publicist:

A publicist for Winehouse later said [Mitch] had misspoken "out of his concern for her."

"She is not diagnosed with full-blown emphysema, but instead has early signs of what could lead to emphysema," Tracey Miller, her U.S.-based representative, told The Associated Press on Monday.

Yes, because who would be in a better place to judge the true state of someone's health? The father who took her to hospital and was at her bedside while doctors tried to work out what had caused her to collapse, or a New York based spokesperson.

Still, bloody lucky that it's not "full-blown" emphysema (a medical term we've not come across before) - can you imagine the insurance implications for the record company if they had to send someone with emphysema out to promote records?