Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gordon on the radio

Gordon Smart is currently on Today, trying to knock down the suggestion that female celebrities get a rougher ride than male celebrities. He offered the suggestion that he wrote about Pete Doherty as much as Amy Winehouse - although, if he was being honest, he'd have admitted that Doherty was covered more because of his connection with Kate Moss (and, recently, with Amy) than in his own right - Doherty was promoted to tabloid regular status because he was Moss' boyfriend, not because he was Barat's brother in arms.

Effectively, in the end, Gordon accepted the charges:

"[T]here will be a male slant on things I write... of course we reflect stereotypes in the way we write."

... but then he could hardly do otherwise, could he, with his acres of bangers and trumpeting of "shagger of the year". What he might have said is that the column was more-or-less dealing in the same stereotypes when Victoria Newton was the picture above the stories, but it didn't seem to occur to him.

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