Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Changing his mind

In today's Sun on the newsstand, Gordon leads with the decent story about Coldplay dropping their Kylie collaboration from their album because - heaven forbid - the track is "too sexy":

Chris said the track with Kylie was just “too sexy” this time round and he explained: “At this point we cannot be that sexy.

“It’s a song called Luna and Kylie is particularly brilliant on it.

“It will be on a record we will put out in 2009, some time at the end of next year. It will be track nine, I imagine.”

Now, this is pretty good stuff: if you must keep banging on about Coldplay's dull new album, finding a new angle is quite a surprise. Especially one which manages to unite Coldplay fans ("ooh! and another new album next year!") and people who actually like music ("snurkle! how could any track with their lumpen presence on it be 'too sexy'?").

So why is it that, by the time the column made it to the web, the lead story is instead that, erm, Jordan has read a book about Fred West?

Meanwhile, the power struggle between Gordon and his deputy, Pete Samson, seems to have developed into attempts at public humilation, judging by this piece on Abbey Clancy:
Bizarre Deputy Editor Pete Samson clocked these pictures yesterday and asked the office if we had seen Abbey’s “fun suit”.

A confusion of “funbags” and “play suit” had occurred as his mind frantically tried to process the images without letting his obvious excitement get out of control.

The end result was embarrassing and fair punishment for trying to impress the girls with his fashion knowledge.

Perhaps, in the office, this was an amusing moment. Why on earth would Gordon think that it was worth publishing, though, unless to make Samson look stupid? And "his obvious excitement" - does that mean what we think it means (and the mental image we're desperate to try and shake out of our heads?)

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James said...

Guh-huh! That Bizarre office is just crazy! Don't miss tomorrow's showbiz exclusive in which Tina from Web goes to the stationery cupboard and, while she's away from her desk, Gordon puts a toy COW on her keyboard! Because, see, it's really funny, because she likes her coffee extra milky, and they've got this joke where they say they should get an office cow just so there's enough milk for her, so it's like a joke about that.

Bizarre; You don't have to be mad to work there, but it helps if you like softcore pornography.

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