Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rav: he gets paid for this

We're not going to pass comment on Rav Singh's Kylie piece this morning. We think the commentary writes itself. Especially since it looks like the article did:

Kylie's an X Red Cap!

By Rav Singh

KYLIE MINOGUE shows off some sexy manoeuvres wearing a daring red Army outfit.

The pop princess certainly got my, er, Attention, in a ‘uniform’ that was slashed to the thigh—well she was kicking off the English leg of her X tour.

Oh yes, I was Spinning Around when she put on that number for the Manchester gig. Glad you’re back to your best.

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James said...

Jayzus. Gordon Smart writes some guff, but at least he's got the excuse that he has to fill six two-page spreads a week. Rav has a whole seven days to come up with his column, and still he comes up with this?

This isn't just guff. This is concentrated turbo-guff.

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