Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Noel Gallagher joins the blogopolis

Is Noel Gallagher really writing his own US tour blog, or is it someone from the Oasis organisation trying to make him look good?

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day today in Edmonton. Didn’t get nearly enough kip though. This jet-lag’s a fucker. There seems to be a wedding party milling around the bar in the hotel so a couple of us jib outside to the terrace for tea and cigarettes. We’re discussing another player (who we’ve never heard of) who’s just signed for City (he’s an Argentinian. I predict fireworks!) Some old lady approaches us to ask if we’d mind doing a “quick picture” with the bride and groom! “Erm..no, I don’t think so” (who do they think we are? Robbie Williams?) “Oh, go on, the bride will be heartbroken”. “Good”, I think to myself and off we go to the venue.

Clearly, then, it's not a PR stunt. Unless they really do think that everyone loves a self-absorbed tosser who treats his biggest fans like hunks of shit, even on their wedding days.

What is a bit of a shame, though, is that Ryan Adams is also blogging the tour - he's doing the 'support' slots (much as a slim steel frame supports a much larger building) and had been doing a half-decent job of making Noel and Liam sound quite pleasant people to be around. Maybe he's not asking for photographs.

After Pete Doherty's hat, there's a second day of plane-related trauma as Noel loses a bag in transit:
No major drama though except one of my bags hasn't made it. THE BASTARD. Please don't let me suffer the indignity of shopping for undies on the morning of the gig the person who serves me is bound to be a fan!

Oh, how terrible to be so popular you can't buy pants without a fan serving you.

And if you keep telling mothers of the brides to get lost, it's not going to be long before you'll not have to worry... at all... cab for Mr Gallagher... out west, actually... he might need a horse... horseback... bareback... going, going...

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Anonymous said...

i just cant get karl pilkington's voice out of my head when reading that...

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