Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Ooh, now you're dressing classy, huh

Once again, you have to carve a sliver of sympathy for Britney Spears. Last year, the poor woman couldn't struggle her way out of a car without the world's press tutting and saying you could see her pants. Or no pants.

Now, she's started dressing a little more sedately - so here's the 3AM Girls to give her shit for that, as well:

Is Britney Spears serious? She certainly looks it in this dowdy frock that makes her more like a librarian than raunchy pop star.

We bet she was even wearing knickers. But while her family troubles are well known, being seen in such a mumsy outfit in a Las Vegas hotel won't help.

(Does that last line make any sense at all, or was it mere gratuitous spite?)

We're not quite sure what Britney is supposed to do when not wearing knickers is bad, and wearing knickers is bad. Perhaps the papers are hoping she'll adopt the compromise crotchless panties option?

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Anonymous said...

Peaches was a librarian - as was Mao. Can't wait to see that sartorial combo!

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