Friday, April 10, 2009

QTrax launches again

It seems we can't go through a couple of months without news of QTrax 'launching', or relaunching, or preparing to relaunch its launch.

Since the last time it launched when it didn't actually launch, similar-but-actually-working service SpiralFrog has thrown in the towel. Is QTrax worried that SpiralFrog had all those months advantage and still flopped?

But Qtrax maintains its business model is different than SpiralFrog's. The former CEO of SpiralFrog - Robin Kent, who left the company a year before it went under - serves as an advisor for Qtrax.

You see? That's totally a totally different model, because that guy's sat over there instead of standing there. You can smell the win, can't you?


Anonymous said...

How much money has Apple paid to get such a biased comment from somebody who obviously knows nothing about Qtrax and digital music. I hope it was worth it and keep blowing the money you earned on Apple's overprized downloads.

simon h b said...

Wow... do you really think Apple would pay me to be vaguely sarcastic about an company that's now launched about four times and has an advisor who established a similar company which went out of business because the model doesn't work? Only I'm happy to do it for free.

So, tell me, anonymous: what makes you think that companies pay people to place comments on websites?

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon, don't bother with the troll who posted anonymously. That's all Qtrax's supporters do on the internet. They go around claiming conspiracies to see them fail rather than owning up to the fact that their business model just plains stinks as does their product. As well, they go around posting about Qtrax on the internet with blatant lies about it in hopes to sucker people into using it. However funny how they seem to always end up getting caught in the truth and looking like total fools.

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